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Fenzi - Bystronic Glass double stand size at Vitrum 2013

Repeating a successful partnership that exceeded even the brightest expectations, Fenzi and Bystronic Glass again join forces at Vitrum 2013 with a new stand dedicated to two products that work together in perfect harmony. Occupying center stage in the new stand will be a TPS® applicator that applies Butylver TPS, a thermoplastic spacer developed by the Fenzi labs to adapt specifically to the Bystronic Glass applicators. Visitors will be able to view a live spacer application demonstration. The highly-automated process is quick and cost-effective, and applies Butylver TPS directly onto the glass, avoiding the need for separate operations like cutting and bending of the spacer bar. Made in Italy and distributed around the world through the Glass Alliance network, Butylver TPS competes effectively with other thermoplastic spacers thanks to its ability to rapidly adhere (immediately upon application) to both sides of the glass. Its performance in terms of workability, extreme flexibility in shapes and sizes, thermal performance and long service life make Butylver TPS an increasingly sought-after product in the warm edge market.


Growing interest for IG units at Glass Build America 2013

The winds of recovery that are blowing, though lightly, in the US are beginning to yield interesting results. Participation by Fenzi North America at Glass Build America definitely produced positive outcomes and pointed to a growing interest in the most cutting-edge products. Large numbers of visitors, primarily from the US, Canada and Latin America, riveted their attention on the products for IG units offered by the Glass Alliance network. Indeed, they were so popular that the training courses on this topic in general, and more specifically on sealants (part of Fenzi North America's Architects Technical Training) were full. Universally recognized by manufacturers of insulating glass as the most advanced, and precisely for this reason, also the most sought-after, warm edge technology is constantly growing, as is interest in the entire line of Rolltech warm edge spacer bars, with the innovative Chromatech Ultra clearly in the lead. Stand-outs among sealants are Butylver PIB and Hotver 2000. “In the US and Canada the market appears to be seriously expanding, but growth is a bit fitful; it rises for a brief period and then abruptly slows and then immediately starts up again,” as described by Dave Devenish, General Manager of Fenzi North America. “Our interactions at the show were positive and many customers confirmed they are working at full capacity; we noticed an increase in sales over last year, ourselves. In any case, we never tire of explaining the huge advantages that long-service performance and high gas retention can determine in the use of IG units”.

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