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South America’s economy continues to move forward at a smart pace, despite the hardships experienced in Europe and, to a degree, in the US. Driving the entire region is Brazil, whose GDP is expected to grow by 3% this year and, specifically regarding our industry, where consumption of processed glass is constantly on the rise. Evidence of this was clear at Glass South America, the trade fair held in São Paulo, Brazil May 16th through 19th. Visitor attendance at the Fenzi stand was substantial, as was interest in the company’s entire product line, from sealants to decorative paints and mirror coatings. Highly popular and a big draw were the latest warm edge technologies, the pride and joy of the Fenzi group around the world, which are marketed through the Glass Alliance network, along with Alu-Pro and Rolltech.
Fenzi South America is the Fenzi group affiliate that has covered the entire Latin American market since 1996.



In Russia, too, the enthusiasm with which Fenzi group products were greeted was very exciting.
Thanks to an economy that has begun to unfold, and shows signs of renewed vitality, especially in the building and construction sector and access to credit, the Group (represented in Russia by OOO Fenzi and OOO Alu-Pro) made many favorable contacts at Mir Stekla, for the most part with potential customers attracted by our products made expressly in Russia. Demand is particularly acute for the range of Thiover polysulphide sealants, and Alu-Pro aluminum spacer bars which, for the Eastern European market, currently offer the most efficacious and cost-effective solution for manufacturing high-performance IG units.



From September 12th to 14th, Glass Build America will be open for business in Las Vegas and, of course, the Fenzi group has already secured its spot, through the Fenzi North America branch. This year the trade show is preparing to open, buoyed by two very significant conditions. The first is the recovery of the building and construction market, a tangible sign of an awakening economy – which is why IG products and warm edge technology will occupy pride of place in the Fenzi stand. The second premise concerns the increasingly pronounced focus on clean energy expressed by the American public. Investments in this sector continue to swell, and Fenzi brings to the table its complete range of Duralux Solar coatings for solar mirrors, among the most highly-evolved products for CSP (Concentration Solar Power) technology.

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