Glass Alliance and the Fenzi Group - A competitive edge in the Russian market.

June 2018


A complete range of high-quality products; being able to count on the reliability and experience of a group that has set the standard for the entire world of glass for more than 75 years. Win over the Russian market with state-of-the-art technology. During Mir Stekla 2018, these factors spelled success for Glass Alliance, the international network in which Fenzi, Alu Pro and Rolltech are partners.

“The 2018 edition of Mir Stekla was extremely exciting for the entire Fenzi Group. Attention from our long-standing partners and potential new customers was primarily focused on Multitech, the latest-generation warm edge spacer profile that in just a few weeks will also be produced at our facility in Lipetsk, positioning it as the highest-performing profile manufactured in Russia - states Matteo Padovan, General Manager of Fenzi Russia and Alu Pro Russia - The combination of Alu Pro and Rolltech warm edge spacers and Fenzi sealants places them among the best available today, in the global marketplace and in Russia, for the production of high-performance IG units. Engineered for energy savings, Glass Alliance products ideally meet current demand in Russian for increased energy efficiency in buildings, including through the use of windows with low thermal transmittance values”. This is possible because they use the highest quality raw materials, both in terms of performance and environmental impact, alongside the optimized industrial processes and ongoing improvements in quality control at the Alu Pro and Fenzi manufacturing plants in Lipetsk.

Popular with the local glass professionals, Fenzi quality was a determining factor in the Group’s excellent sales results last year and in the very positive expectations for the coming months.
IG unit and window manufacturers find Glass Alliance a reliable partner that can provide a complete range of sealants, aluminum and warm-edge profiles and molecular sieves of premium, stable quality, able to ensure high standards of durability and resistance even in very hostile climatic conditions. Those who are not risk-takers know that investing in Fenzi Group products guarantees sure results, in other words, high-performance IG units designed to increase the level of comfort and reduce energy consumption in buildings.



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