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In recent years, warm edge technology has played an increasingly prominent role in the insulating glass sector, important enough to put it on the leading edge in product innovation and in the quest for optimum performance within this particular industry.
The group that has achieved the most spectacular results in this regard is certainly Glass Alliance, the international network that distributes all the necessary components for the production of insulating glass around the world, and that today can claim the most complete range of warm edge profiles. Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech, the three companies that currently comprise Glass Alliance, have a profile catalog featuring spacers made with different materials and offering different characteristics. Developed and crafted using the most advanced technologies, they offer the huge plus of combining ultra-high performance and extreme practicality and ease of use. Here’s a quick run down.

Chromatech: is Rolltech’s stainless steel spacer profile well-known for its low thermal transmittance coefficient (only 14.3 WmK), high safety, durability and maximum versatility. Given its traditional shape, it’s easy to use, both with corner accessories or spacer bending machines.

Chromatech Plus: its geometry is innovative and its thickness has been cut even more (0.15 mm) for exceptional insulating performance. The special stainless steel and unique design with which it is crafted make it one of the most stable and sturdy profiles in the world, particularly suited to large-sized insulating lites. From a manufacturing point of view, it stands out for its adaptability to bending and its ability to ensure extremely high frame stability.

Chromatech Ultra: stainless steel and a special blend of plastics form the exclusive patented structure to ensure durability, strength, and cutting-edge insulating performance (up to 0.05 WmK). This innovative spacer also provides superior ease of use – it bends easily, allowing for perfect results with strong, high-quality corners, and has excellent frame rigidity, thanks to its dual-layer structure. Launched in 2009, its evolution is ongoing, placing it at the top of the sales charts, and making it a global success story. Manufacturers around the world have shown their appreciation for its bending ease. For glass processors the advantage is enormous, because it does not require special high-end machinery.
Chromatech Ultra is available in the entire range of sizes that go from 10 to 20 mm and comes in 3 base colors: Black – RAL 9004, Window Grey - RAL 7040 and Light Grey – RAL 7035.

Butylver TPS: is the new ultra high quality thermoplastic spacer developed by the Fenzi labs for use with Bystronic® applicators. Butylver TPS combines ideal workability with excellent long-lasting thermal performance, typical of TPS technology.
It’s also fully compatible with Thiover, Fenzi’s two-part polysulphide sealant which still holds the world record in sales. Butylver TPS is an extremely valid option for manufacturers who elect to use Bystronic® applicators.

FGS – Flexible Glass Spacer: Fenzi’s latest warm edge newsmaker is an innovative flexible spacer made with olefin fibers. Crafted with a multi-layer film that acts as a water vapor and argon gas barrier, it offers significant advantages in terms of precision and ease of installation, especially in the production of triple-glazed units. It’s the newest item presented at Glasstec 2012 and is a featured product in this issue of Together Online.

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