Hotver 2000: poised to ride the Usa building industry recovery

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The latest information suggests that the economic system of the United States is recovering after the big storm in 2008/2009. The most up-to-date economic indicators actually provide rather reassuring estimates for the growth of the American GDP, adjusted upwards quite recently: the Federal Reserve has set the 2010 growth forecasts in a range between 2.8% and 3.5%. So it would seem that the financial crisis true and proper is over: and hopefully we will soon be able to say that the economic recovery has actually begun.
This scenario, although rosier in comparison with the disasters of the last two years, is still unable to provide certainty, and the fate of the residential and commercial building industry remains in the balance. If the forecasts of the first positive results begin to materialize, then the entire industry related to this key sector of the American economy will be ready to take off again.

This reasoning is behind the courageous decision of the Fenzi group to distribute, as of 2010, the Hotver 2000 sealant in the USA through the Fenzi North America branch. The Toronto plant, active since 2003 as both a marketing and production center, is actually the group’s main gateway to the large North American market. The importance for American customers to be able to rely on maximum availability of Hotver 2000 is related to the very characteristics of this one-component hot-melt sealant: in fact, its excellent physico-chemical properties allow outstanding performance for the thermal insulation of insulating glass, especially if non-metal spacer bars are used. Thus the heat loss between the interior and exterior of the houses is guaranteed to be lower, with consequent reduced energy costs of the building in terms of heating and cooling, and less impact on the environment.

Furthermore, Hotver 2000 is also amazingly convenient to use and reliable, a feature which is highly valued during these difficult times. All the Hotver 2000 hot-melt sealants can be used in both double and single sealing, ensuring perfect adhesion to glass and spacer bars. They are suited for application using both manual pumps as well as robotic extruders, hence guaranteeing easy workability and outstanding resistance to both low and high temperatures. For these particular characteristics, as well as for the well-established favorable quality-price relationship, the hot-melt sealants have acquired a respectable market share over the last few years, especially in the United States where their sales success far surpassed that of other international markets. So successful, in fact, that future production of Hotver directly in the Fenzi North America plants cannot be excluded. Due to its strategic position, the Toronto branch of the Tribiano group is able to offer highly valued sale and customer service throughout the North American continent: 10 years after its founding, it has succeeded in becoming the main reference for all insulating glass manufacturers, also with the help of the extensive marketing reach ensured by the Glass Alliance network.

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