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Traditionally (for more than 70 years) at Fenzi, investments in research and development are considered the key to success – this kind of commitment made it possible to develop those products that today form the group’s core line of products and are also a source of vitality for the company, thanks to an ongoing process of innovation and adaptation to changing market needs.
This is the story of Poliver, the Poly BD (polybutadiene)-based polyurethane sealant that claims -- compared to its direct competitors -- to offer avant-garde performance in terms of moisture and UV resistance, and gas retention properties. These are essential requirements in order to produce high-quality double- and triple-glazed insulating glass. Extremely positive sales figures only serve to reward this product policy – which explains the recent need to increase polyurethane sealant production capacity at the plant in Vilvoorde, Belgium, and to further expand the team of technicians who work their magic in the R&D and Support Departments. We asked Rüdiger Reichardt, Poliver project manager who recently came on board as part of the team, to briefly sum up the winning features of the Fenzi group’s polyurethane sealant, outlining the critical elements of its success. The language is, obviously, quite technical, which is also why it’s effective.

“Two part polyurethane based insulating glass sealants were introduced in Europe the year 1977. For long they were known as sealant with excellent long term characteristics, but sometimes inconvenient to apply. In addition some raw materials were short. In the recent years we observe a decrease of quality in long term characteristics for several brands. This is due to formula changes also in the chemical nature and amount of key components. As a basic know how in polymer chemistry it is known that the basic polymer like Poly BD dominates final characteristics of the product.
The hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene - brand name Poly BD - is the key component for the well known two part insulating glass sealant. It provides the sealant nearly automatically with several excellent characteristics like low moisture vapour transmission, excellent adhesion, some UV-resistance and good temperature flexibility at low temperature as well as stability at higher temperature. Compared with other polyurethane base polymers the hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene has a higher price level.
Poliver is an hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene based two part polyurethane Insulation glass sealant with top characteristics fulfill the desired customers expectations. Even more its excellent application characteristics makes it easy to apply. Warm edge spacer bar systems increase contineously. Poliver is one of the rare PU IG sealants suitable also for flexible spacer bar systems.
The ongoing improvements in production and quality facilities at Fenzi Belgium in Vilvoorde will ensure to offer the market the expected quality and quantity.”

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