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When talking about commitment to innovation, one generally thinks in terms of the technological evolution of products, new production systems or even a competitive mix of quality and price, the two basic elements. Its meaning however is much broader, as it also includes the ability to keenly observe reality, and intuitively spot potential development opportunities before anyone else.
This is Fenzi’s story: a chemicals company specialized in secondary flat glass processing that already back in 1980, when there was still plenty of room for industrial products in Western markets, looked far ahead and recognized that a vast Country struggling to reconcile collectivism with a market-driven economy showed signs of having great business potential.

It was during those years that the Tribiano-based company started exporting products to Asia, and to China in particular through a facility in Hong Kong: Duralux mirror paints fast became best sellers that allowed the company to progressively penetrate the Chinese market at the same rate as the industrial boom that swept across the entire Country. Initially the focus was entirely on large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the key economic centers in China at the time, which were ready to welcome high quality products to support new industries in the area. As industrialization gradually spread to suburban areas, so did Fenzi’s distribution, which today supports an extremely complex industrial network. Thanks to this phenomenon, the plans made at the beginning of this last ten-year period did result in the steady growth of the company founded in 2006: Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited.  This year, on occasion of China Glass, the Fenzi Group celebrated its 30th anniversary of doing business in China.

The reasons behind the success built through these years of hard work can be readily grasped by anyone, especially those who are familiar with Fenzi Group products. Ever since their launch, the extremely high quality of Duralux paints has allowed top quality mirrors to be made even in the harshest conditions: matter of fact, they are indispensable for bridging the technological gap that still exists at a local level, and therefore make finished product of above average quality. Another determining factor, one the current Fenzi China Group’s General Manager Stefano Pozzi loves to mention, lies in the great effort made to truly tune into the mentality and culture of China, by using   local employees and experts. “This approach also allowed us to overcome the traditional mental barriers between people of western and Asian cultures: we were able to nullify the enormous kilometric distance between the company’s beating heart in Tribiano and our clients in China, to make them feel close by, understood, and cared for”.

Today Duralux paints still enjoy absolute leadership of the Chinese market with on-going production and sales growth, also thanks to the fast growing local furniture market which today represents one of the main export items for China and its neighboring counties. Although the plant started producing them only a short while ago, Tempver ceramic paints are enjoying the same amount of success and very high demand, thanks to the construction and furniture market boom.

The GNP bears witness to this growth trend, which started to increase again at an annual rate of 10% after slightly slowing down during the worst months of global economic crisis; China is getting ready to set new and important economic milestones, starting with the construction sector. Once China adopts Western energy savings, thermal and acoustic insulation standards, as we believe it may in a short time, Fenzi’s high quality product lines will have even more room for growth.

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