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We have already reported in this edition of Together Online on the focus given at the Fenzi stand at Glasstec to Aquaglass, the new line of single-component and water-based decorative paints that are now part of the well-established Decover range.
It is interesting now to go into some detail in order to seek to underscore the main features of this product and above all to pinpoint the benefits that it can guarantee, from the viewpoint of users, large-scale industry or small businesses, and from the more specifically environmental standpoint.
Beginning with the environmental aspect, it has to be said that a strong drive in this direction has come from the signing of the Kyoto protocol, which lay down observance of new and specific deadlines for participating in the reduction of polluting emissions. Then there are international standards which set fairly narrow parameters for the safeguarding of workers’ health. All this, combined with the traditional Fenzi Group awareness of environmental problems, has led to the development of a water-based product, a virtually complete substitute for solvent-based products that are definitely more difficult to handle as they are strongly affected by the new legal provisions. This change has become increasingly widespread and the building, furniture and furnishing accessories industries are also moving in this direction, to the extent that water-based paints have replaced traditional products virtually completely. In the case of Aquaglass the step forwards is even more evident, as this is a practically perfect product for manufacturing glass for furnishing homes, offices, bathrooms and kitchens. It is the result of a long and in-depth study, made possible also by Fenzi’s great experience in the chemistry for the processing of flat glass. It is designed solely for application on this latter medium and has a very low environmental impact.
As regards the more specifically product features, it should be said straightaway that it can be used both for small surfaces and large sheets and, thanks to its formula, both by large-scale industry and small craft businesses. The formula of the paint allows very fast drying and the product therefore functions optimally in an industrial line with continuous or static convection furnaces, or in small firms that do not have sufficient space for complex systems and have to limit drying to simple exposure to the air. This means that the company that has a structured production line can obtain at the end of processing a product that is immediately dust free and which can therefore be handled straightaway for storage or subsequent processing. The small firm or craft workshop, with possibly a shovel gun and in any case good professional capability, can easily use Aquaglass and leave it to dry by airing for 24 or 48 hours, according to climatic conditions, to achieve the same result obtained by the industrial line.
The range of standard colours offered by Aquaglass is very wide so that it allows reproduction of very many variants and decorative effects. The glass can be totally covered to reduce transparency as far as possible and alter it as required. The extreme versatility of application has enabled the development of a highly flexible colour management system. It is in fact possible to reproduce any shade thanks to a colorimetric system for the management of the colour and a tintometric one for its production. Basing on a sample, the product is reformulated and then tested on glass. The result can be valuated both from the coverage of the coloured glass and the specifics of the colour per se. This double parameter is important as the final result can vary if the type of glass is changed and if the supplier of a same type of glass is also changed. If the continuity of colour initially required for the paint is accepted, Fenzi is able to reproduce it infinitely without any variation.
As for the Glassolux and Glassodur ranges, the Tintoglass system, exclusive Fenzi technology, enables any colour to be prepared for Aquaglass too by using a colour mixing machine. To complete the system complementary products are available that improve adhesion to the glass and which vary the surface or the degree of opacity of the paints.
The great advantage of the Tintoglass System also lies in the very short preparation times, the possibility of producing large or small batches, the possibility of creating shades to sample and the perfect formulation of the products.
If required, users can also operate fully autonomously. By using base colours, available in a kit, almost all the colours on the RAL scale can be obtained by following the formula supplied on request, according to the tone required, directly by Fenzi.

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