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Sixty years for a company may be a lot or a few accordingly. Since there are no specific biological rules for calculating its degree of maturity, the same time span may mean early ageing or contrarily lasting immaturity. Neither is the case for Fenzi which, now in its third generation since the far-off year of 1941 when it was set up, faces the new millennium in an extra-strong leadership position internationally. It has thus reached full maturity: awareness of its role rightfully endows it with the vitality and shrewd initiative which are essential for playing a leading part on the world market for chemical products for the second processing of flat glass. For this reason Fenzi felt the need to renew its advertising, structuring it so as to coordinate in one single and standardised flow the presentation of the various activities of companies in the group. The advertising objectives are naturally in line with the world leadership positioning of Fenzi and therefore aim at greater awareness by the market of the various group activities and consequently major consolidation of its international image.
This led to an advertising campaign with several themes, each one concentrated on a particular aspect of Fenzi: an official theme for a clearer definition of the personality of the company and its specific capabilities, three themes concentrated on the three key products - Thiover (sealants for insulating glass), Duralux (backing paints for mirrors) and Tempver (enamels), and finally one for Glass Alliance, the organisation set up by the Fenzi group together with the sister companies Alu-Pro and Rolltech, which produces and distributes worldwide all that is required for the production of insulating glass.
The special “warm” handling of the advertising, which highlights directly or indirectly the human factor, has enabled richly expressive pages to be created, capable therefore of speaking a common universal language, intelligible in all five continents. Just the thing for a company enjoying constant growth, and one which aims at increasing internationalisation

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