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When discussing the global economy it is more and more customary for our thoughts to turn to India, then move eastwards to China, as if this immense area, that has become both a torment and delight for the West, were the sole arena. In actual fact there are other economic areas where business can find significant room for growth with very satisfactory results, such as South America for example. On this topic we asked Jacobo Soifer, director of Fenzi Argentina, to give us a brief rundown on his company.
“Fenzi Argentina was set up in 1994 in Argentina to develop the markets for Duralux mirror-backing paints and IG supplies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia. Over the years Fenzi Argentina has gained a privileged position on the regional market, basing on steady commercial and technical efforts that are recognised and valued by its customers.
The satisfying signs of revival in the regional economy in recent years have impacted positively on our market, with exponential growth. Argentina has thus trebled the IG output, establishing it as a product of quality and comfort.
Brazil has begun to use IG in architecture and the demand in the refrigerator industry is increasing. Chile, where IG is already installed as standard, has seen uninterrupted growth over the years, and Uruguay has matched the development in regional ratios.
Endorsement of these signs was also obtained at Aluvi 2005, the 3rd international aluminium and glass trade show held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in June 2005 and visited by more than 80,000 people. Fenzi Argentina exhibited its products at the show and was visited by customers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. Further to that many new commercial relations were started.
On this basis we can state that work in these recent years has been very positive, and its performance and perspective show us that we are moving in the right direction”.

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