Fenzi Alu-Pro Iberica set up in Spain

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Today Spain, which has proven to be an important market in the past, is going through a period which is perhaps even more trying than that of other European countries. In fact, its entire economic and productive structure is suffering like everywhere else, but this is particularly true for its building sector where the recent big boom has caused an even more intense stagnation than that seen in other countries. In this troubled landscape, a strong indication that an opposite trend is taking shape comes from Glass Alliance, which has established a new company in Spain: Fenzi Alu-Pro Iberica.

Located in Lalin, Galicia, this new company represents a reference point for the distribution and storage in Spain of sealants and spacer bars produced by Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech, within the Glass Alliance network, which distributes specific products for industrial production of insulating glass units worldwide.

For glass processors and all other professionals in Spain, new interesting opportunities are thus opened up as they can now rely on faster delivery, complete availability of the selection and a highly efficient service: all essential ingredients for standing out as a reliable partner in a market which, given the current difficulties, will inevitably be forced to select the best players in this field as well.

Glass Alliance already holds a very important share of the Spanish market, acquired thanks to the high quality of its products throughout more than twenty years of business. The goal of the new Lalin organization, created in collaboration with the Tec Glass company, is to further improve customer service and expand the range of products offered. The network is comprised of Fenzi, Alu Pro and Rolltech, three leading companies representing the state of the art for quality and reliability in their respective sectors: polysulphur, butyl, hot melt and polyurethane sealants; aluminum spacer bars; steel, stainless steel and stainless steel/polycarbonate spacer bars.

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