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Glasstec 2012 is a high profile event, both strategically and commercially, because it is the ideal opportunity to measure up, one-on-one, against the top European and global industry professionals at a very critical moment in time. Many markets are still experiencing ups and downs; America and China are reacting by betting on their own best resources; the BRIC countries continue to grow, though at a slower pace. Europe, on the other hand, is still struggling and finds it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel. This is why at Düsseldorf it will be instructive to see the various products presented by manufacturers in the glass industry, and get a feel for the investments they are making in development and innovation, in preparation for the long-awaited after-crisis scenario.

Its commitment in this area has always been a hallmark of the Fenzi Group, which will showcase at Glasstec its latest product in the area of warm edge technology – the new FGS, its Flexible Glass Spacer. This is a unique flexible spacer that, thanks to its composition, is able to ensure exceptional performance in terms of extremely low thermal conductivity, high stability, ease and speed of application, attractive design and functionality. We’ve featured it widely in this issue, but we wish to emphasize here how the new FGS completes the entire range of warm edge products at the highest level for the Glass Alliance network, the production and distribution network that Fenzi, Alu Pro and Rolltech are members of and that today boasts an undisputed leadership position in this sophisticated technology. In fact, some enormously successful legendary products belong to this category, like the world’s number one selling polysulphide sealant Thiover; the butyl sealant Butylver, along with Butylver TPS, the thermoplastic spacer for Lenhardt applicators, and Butylver SS, sealant for flexible spacers; the Poliver polyurethane sealants; Hotver, the single component hot melt sealant; and the latest generation Chromatech spacers, designed by Rolltech and Alu Pro, particularly the constantly evolving Chromatech Plus and Chromatech Ultra, with consistently rising sales that stimulate ongoing development.

Under the Fenzi banner, mirror backing paints will naturally have a place in the spotlight, with the company's iconic Duralux which offers a complete range for the most diverse uses, and Duralux Solar Coatings, a line of coatings for high-performance solar mirrors

Finally, the decorative glass paints that Fenzi separates into two categories: Tempver, glass enamels for screen printing, enameling and satin-finishing glass, and the Decover line, cold paints designed specifically for interiors and furniture. Also part of this line are the water-based one-part Aquaglass paints, ideally suited for office and home decor, kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their characteristic color-brightness and eco-compatibility.

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