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Since its very launch in 2009, Chromatech Ultra, the first two-component spacer developed by Rolltech has been running at top speed toward success. Its unique features have indeed been very well received by the market, because it has been perfectly capable of combining the properties of stainless steel with those of plastic: the result is a notable benefit in terms of thermal insulation due to very low thermal transmittance, thus achieving top level performance in the area of warm edge technology. Over the last three years, that is since its launch, demand for and accordingly production of Chromatech Ultra have increased significantly, so much so that in 2011 a new production line was inaugurated in Italy as well, at the Alu-Pro manufacturing facility in Noale, capable of meeting the growing demand for all southern Europe.

Even for this year prospects for this profile are interesting. During the spring of 2012, in the Hjørring manufacturing facility in Denmark, Rolltech will install the first extrusion line for the special plastics required for the production of Chromatech Ultra. The Danish company has therefore decided to implement a new phase of its development, aiming for the value added arising from the integration of the entire manufacturing supply chain. This important first step toward integration of all of the manufacturing steps will not be the only one. The completion of this process will enable Rolltech to strengthen its supervision and the full availability of all of the basic technological know how, thus providing the groundwork for countless development possibilities both for the product and its manufacturing processes.

Once commissioned, the new extrusion line will manufacture high quality profiles ready to be placed directly in the Chromatech Ultra production line, to be coupled with the stainless steel part. This will enable savings of time and transport costs, because it will ensure greater cooperation and synergy among the different manufacturing processes.

This is a significant investment which will bring great advantages over the long-term for Glass Alliance as well, the global network for the distribution of insulating glass products set up by Fenzi with Alu-Pro and Rolltech. Inside, valuable competencies will be created and brought together for the implementation of ever-new business opportunities.

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