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Despite the overwhelming success of the now famous Chromatech and Chromatech Plus spacer bars in the warm-edge IG market, Rolltech has decided to launch a new warm-edge spacer in 2008: Chromatech Ultra.
The reason behind this is simple: the fast-growing warm-edge market. This steadily rising trend applies to stainless steel products but is also beginning to involve spacer bars made with other materials as well.
Various kinds of plastic spacer bars are already available, but the real innovation by Rolltech is that it has combined the best of Chromatech Plus with a new technology that uses plastic materials. The lower stainless steel part allows the new spacer bar to maintain 100% of the initial gas concentration over time and, by also combining an upper plastic part with a low moisture penetration index in a single structure, a number of significant benefits are guaranteed:

- very low thermal transmittance
- 100% maintenance of initial gas concentration inside the IG
- easy bending without expensive machinery
- perfect bending results – resistant, excellent quality corners
- high frame stability due to the double layer structure

The result is a new warm-edge system that also offers easy processing and can be adapted to any bending technology, whether simple or sophisticated. Moreover, because of its perfect quality bending, the corners also combine high-level aesthetic results with the important function of contributing to frame stability in a fundamental way.

Quality wise, the new Chromatech Ultra is definitely set to be one of the best warm-edge plastic spacer bars currently available, its advantage being that it passes all UNI EN 1279 tests.

This further completes the Rolltech range of spacers and, in addition to demonstrating the Danish company’s focus on innovation, is also an important confirmation of the objective that the Glass Alliance network has always set itself: to seek out and, if possible, to anticipate market developments and demand in the best way, in order to offer a wide-ranging array of products and most importantly to satisfy the many needs of IG manufacturers and users

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