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As typically occurs during a market crisis, a sort of natural selection takes place: the weaker elements often cannot withstand growing market challenges for long and, sooner or later, perish due to the lack of financial assistance. The more robust companies on the other hand, those that can rely on financial solidity backed by decades of business success and a product diversification that successfully absorbs inevitable fluctuations of demand with a wide-ranging supply, are able to ride out the cyclical low by absorbing the impact. Oddly enough, these companies actually benefit from the crisis because they’re driven to increase investments in innovation, thus finding themselves ahead of the competition when the market resumes growth.

And this is precisely what Fenzi is experiencing, particularly for its historical product line known as Tempver paints. Another factor in this process is the intense competition from emerging countries. Major competitors of the Tribiano group have drastically reduced their presence in Italy, to the point of dismantling a large part of the enamel production chain, starting with the fusion departments. Fenzi has thus remained the only company in Italy to have a complete production line, from frit to color finishing, for the production of these special enamels for which there is an ever growing demand in architecture, design and household appliances. Today the entire range of Tempver decorative paints is immune to the crisis and remains one of the flagship products of the entire group. In fact, this line of highly appreciated paints sold worldwide will be the focus of many of the company’s investments in 2013, starting with the development of new products aimed at capturing Italian market shares no longer covered by its competitors.

Investments by the group have led to New Generation M, a new range of innovative enamels designed specifically for glass used on household appliances. These new paints are part of the Tempver range and are easier to apply, give a better coat and chemical resistance.
Performance features that are designed to meet the aesthetic demands of manufacturers and end consumers, as well as ever stricter construction specifications. “The New Generation M paints are already in production – confirmed Fabio Fenzi who heads the Ceramic Paints Division – and the first deliveries are already underway”. In order to meet new production needs, the operating structure has also required the introduction of new resources. As Fabio Fenzi announced, “The company’s commitment to this product is sealed by the recent arrival on the Tempver team of Dr. Fabio Gioffreda as technical manager of the ceramic department. Gioffreda has twenty years’ experience in the sector and will certainly be an important addition to the entire team.”

But there’s still more. The company has decided to put itself to the test in the sophisticated field of car glass and has implemented R&D activities to produce paints using special technological solutions suitable for the intended use. The group’s first products could hit the market between the end of 2013 and early 2014. In order to tackle this new challenge it plans to invest in expanding and upgrading Fenzi laboratories in Tribiano, where the glass paints division is based.

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