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The latest brainchild by the great Glass Alliance family is a new warm edge spacer, the result of the efforts expended by Fenzi Group’s technicians to engineer a groundbreaking product with extraordinary versatility, efficiency and value for money.

The new Flexible Glass Spacer is made of flexible olefin fibers (aliphatic hydrocarbons) to ensure maximum compatibility with the other chemical components. Its multi-layer film offers an innovative barrier to water vapor and argon gas and ensures perfect adhesion of edge sealants, while its acrylic adhesive pre-applied on both shoulders provides for easy and accurate spacer positioning.

This next-generation spacer offers a raft of benefits.
For IG unit manufacturers, the product helps to further simplify and automate insulating glass production and guarantees the best dimensional tolerances. This high level of accuracy translates into easier system assembly, particularly when dealing with triple glazed units. On top of that, its unique desiccants minimize moisture absorption during assembly.
The end result is a mix of top performance, production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Other benefits come in the form of performance as a result of the unique features of FGS, such as minimization of heat loss through the edge of the IG unit, reducing condensation significantly. Its improved thermal transmission coefficient results in average savings of up to 0.1-0.2 W/m2K on the overall U values of the IG unit, with more comfort being offered near the window and enhanced by a very low Psi value with limited heat dispersion.
Compliance with EN 1279 standards, sustainable energy development programs and Passive House standards adds further value to a profile that has been engineered and developed to target the needs of an increasingly discerning market that values premium quality products.

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