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Changes in communication at Fenzi have this year also involved the site, which as from May is online in a totally different version from that known previously.
The difference relates both to the graphics and to the much more complex aspect of site navigation and organisation and use of the services on offer to visitors.
On the graphics side the most obvious feature is the search for design coherence with the other recently updated communication tools, from the advertising campaign to the product leaflets and the official brochure. As regards the main sitemap, the entire site opens up totally new routes. The main menu provides access to the individual sections into which the basic content is structured: the company and its products, international presence, press area, news and mail. The corresponding second-level menus instead allow access to more detailed information. In this way it is possible to gain in-depth knowledge of the history and special features of the company, its international organisation with the address and references of the branches and plants located all over the world, the complete range of products with the specifications of each one, the press releases sent out in the past and the latest ones, with the possibility of downloading accompanying images, the last newsletter published and the form for direct contact by e-mail.
The dynamic part of the site enables a series of very useful services to be used. The press area for example allows a thematic research of the press release or releases required via a search engine that facilitates access to news and information on all the individual topics that Fenzi has passed on to journalists via its press office. The journalist can also register his or her name for accrediting and subscribing to the mailing list to receive press releases automatically, should he or she not be a member.
The section dedicated to the newsletter naturally includes the current edition, yet also offers the possibility of opening all the previous ones and a search by the specific topics dealt with in publications. In this case too it is possible to subscribe directly in order to receive the newsletter periodically, by filling in the request form.
Obviously this is only a broad description of the new site – for a complete picture we advise visiting it directly by simply clicking on

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