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Sixty years of story to be told from start to finish with focus on the enthusiasm, successful ideas and hard work of those who have forged the company’s success. A future yet to be told but which is already present in day-to-day operations.
This is, very briefly, the best presentation we can give of the new editorial effort from the Fenzi Group – the official brochure, notoriously one of the most arduous communication projects to bring off. However now that the goal has been met, the satisfaction is tangible in the true sense of the word. It always creates a certain impression to see in print, in black and white accompanied by large colour photos, the historic past of the company, its founder, those who took over from him and all the co-workers, without forgetting customers (a company’s destiny is always closely linked to that of the users of its products and services). If the focus is then shifted from the past to the future, the sensation is even stronger, with understanding of the extent of the challenges still to be won in order to continue along the road taken. It is easy to say that today the world is a huge, single market which needs to be covered completely. It is very difficult to do it and deliver Fenzi products and services in all five continents. Take for example southern Chile and northern Canada, California and Korea, Nigeria and Switzerland, Iran and Brazil. Then there is Siberia, with winter temperatures as low as -60°C and an annual temperature swing of around 100°C, and the Sahara, with summer temperatures of 50°C. In the temperate zones day and night alternate within twenty-four hours, while in the extreme latitudes the same cycle is measured in months. For this very reason the best resources are allocated nowadays to safeguard and enhance that idea of quality which has always been a hallmark of work at Fenzi, from constant care for standard production to the efforts required for developing new products and experimenting new product types. This therefore is an additional purpose of a brochure: to spread knowledge inside and outside the company of its achievements and worth, laying the foundations for the future.

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