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On the market you will find a lot of solutions for making spacer bars used for the Warm Edge system. It can be Thermoplastic material, Polycarbonate/Polypropylene in combination with steel or aluminium strip or it can be stainless steel. Rolltech have made the choice to use stainless steel for the products Chromatech and Chromatech plus. But why use stainless steel!!

Stainless steel has a extremely low thermal transmittance of 14,3 W/mK (Aluminium 200) and using the material in a very thin wall thickness (0,15 mm) formed as a spacer bar, it fulfil the German BF requirement for Warm Edge ( S d x ? < 0,007 where Chromatech plus has 0,004 ).

By using stainless steel as material there is no system risk. Spacer bars for IG units has been used since the sixties with success. Chromatech plus is a very clean spacer bar and the adhesion to the sealant is optimal. At the ift Rosenheim Institute Chromatech plus has been approved to the new EN 1279 norm part 2 and 3 – with superb values.
The frame stability is high and there is no shape and material change, which secure a long durability.

In the IG production the frame stability secure a high production rate – also because the spacer bar is bendable.

Stainless steel is a material which you can’t compare to Aluminium. For cutting the spacer bar without any deformation and burr (a clean cut), it is another kind technology you have to use. Rolltech has through experience got a good knowledge of how to cut stainless steel spacers, so please make a contact to Rolltech for more information : info@rolltech.dk or +45 96233343 and ask for Peter Pedersen

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