New Fenzi Alu-Pro plant almost ready in Russia

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Although the market is remarkably widespread and exceptionally interesting for exporting Made in Italy products, Russia has suffered from the financial crisis as badly as the other industrialized countries, even worse since it has to rely on a relatively young economic structure. Nonetheless, the conditions necessary to consider Russia as one of the most interesting markets worldwide in the insulating glass sector are definitely valid and remain confirmed: because of its climate as well as the evident need to upgrade its existing buildings in order to meet the new standards for energy reduction, Russia offers indeed a huge potential for work for industry specialists. Now that the turmoil is abating, the countries which are part of what is called Bric (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are gearing up to play the role as leaders in the worldwide economy, although their potential for growth differs considerably. In particular, Russia has come out of the crisis really exhausted, but can count on its enormous availability of natural resources and the positive results of big investments made in research and training during the economic boom. The new phase in economic and industrial recovery which is anticipated for the entire market of Eastern Europe is a great opportunity for western businesses, as well as a tough challenge to take. In fact, there are large obstacles in the way, particularly dealing with customs and logistic matters due to the long distances necessary for merchandise to arrive at destination. For this reason, a couple of years ago Fenzi and Alu-Pro started constructing a new manufacturing site in Lipesk, on the outskirts of Moscow, and is about to be completed: built on an area covering 8,000 square meters, the new plant will be operating this coming summer and will initially be dedicated to the production of Thiover sealants and aluminium spacer bars. The productive capacity will be enough to respond completely to what the large Russian market requires and will consequently meet the needs of IG processors and producers. In fact, local resources will be integrated, thanks to priorities given by the management, as well as employment for Russian people. Guaranteed product quality will of course be assured from the very first day of production, because the technology and productive processes applied meet the high standards of all the plants of the Fenzi and Alu-Pro groups in Italy and around the world. The same holds true for technical assistance and customer service over the vast Russian territory: in fact, the 11 hour time zone will be completely covered by a tight and efficient network of distribution, already active for quite some time thanks to the presence of the Glass Alliance network, which has also been strengthened in anticipation of new production lines.

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