Rolltech completes the Chromatech Ultra Range

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Chromatech Ultra, the new thermal break spacer bar, was inspired by the idea of guaranteeing utmost energy savings by exploiting Rolltech’s extensive experience in "warm edge” technology. The new spacer, characterized by an extremely low thermal transmittance coefficient (Psi value), has an exclusive stainless steel structure with upper part in polycarbonate. Using this latest-generation technology, Rolltech has succeeded in combining the stability and strength of steel and the ideal insulating properties of polycarbonate in a single structure. In comparison with conventional spacer bars made of other materials, thanks to the remarkable characteristics described above, Chromatech Ultra is able to significantly reduce the risk of humidity penetrating inside the window.

The market's response recorded up until now is extremely positive: after just a few months of distribution Chromatech Ultra has already been purchased and tested by more than 150 companies worldwide, demonstrating particular appreciation for the frame’s high stiffness coupled with remarkably easy bending. This is a significant advantage for glass processors since no sophisticated machinery is required, thus eliminating the need for heavy investments. These outstanding results have been made possible by the exclusive patented design perfected by Rolltech after exhaustive studies.

In terms of performance, the stimulating results produced by Chromatech Ultra are made possible by a patented production process, which allows the steel lower part to be joined with the polycarbonate upper part. The insulating glass units produced with Chromatech Ultra, after careful selection, are tested and approved according to standards EN 1279 part 2 and 3. Furthermore, compatibility tests have been carried out on all the raw materials used, in addition to the tests normally required in the various nations where the product is distributed.

Chromatech Ultra has been available since Autumn 2009 in the entire range of sizes varying from 10 to 20mm and in 3 basic colors: Black – RAL 9004, Window Grey - RAL 7040 and Light Grey - RAL 7035. Furthermore, each color has passed a 500-hour accelerated UV aging test, ensuring that it satisfies the strictest standards even in the most critical situations. The innovative design available in a variety of colors also makes Chromatech Ultra perfectly compatible with the aesthetic needs of architects and designers, who can now rely on a product which is attractive as well as functional.

With the production of Chromatech Ultra, Rolltech has become the only manufacturer worldwide offering three different "warm edge" spacer bars. This forefront position in the market of spacer bars for insulating glass is the result of both continued commitment to research and development of new technologies as well as close collaboration with customers, suppliers and all the other professionals in the glass industry.

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