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Along with the positive growth trend that is being posted by the worldwide economy, especially in Europe, the Fenzi Group closed 2006 on a positive note. The results for the first 6 months of 2007 also look set to be more than satisfactory, and confirm the continuing expansion of its business. Estimates put sales at the end of this year -- considering the Glass Alliance network with Alu-Pro and Rolltech – in excess of €200 million. This figure confirms an average yearly increase of approx. 10% over the past 3 years.
The company’s seven production facilities around the world are working at full capacity and new strategic investments, concentrated in Fenzi China and in Fenzi Belgium, are now past the start-up phase and at full production capacity. In Belgium, the new production of polysulphide sealants is already catering for demand from central and northern Europe, while in China feasibility studies to expand production of the group’s other products are at an advanced stage. This development will respond to the natural increase in demand in this skyrocketing market as closely as possible.
The strengthening of outlying facilities will allow the company to provide an increasingly faster and well-established response in international markets: here, a major role is played by the Glass Alliance network, a specialist in the distribution of insulating glass, that is, sealants and profiles in aluminum, steel and stainless steel.
Worldwide, the Fenzi group with Glass Alliance employs more than 400 people: healthier sales are also accompanied by a significant increase in productivity.
This is the Fenzi that we will be seeing at the topmost European event for the glass market, Vitrum 2007. Reaping the benefits of its new location, which is enormously more appealing and on the outskirts of Milan, Vitrum 2007 will be a very important international showcase and an opportunity for Made in Italy to play a leading role. For this very reason, Fenzi is gearing up to make its stand as appealing as possible for customer companies (and for prospective ones of course) as well as for the international press: all the company’s current production will be on display, with a special focus on all the latest innovations in sealants and Tempver paints.

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