Tecglass is ready for the big leap forward

December 2016


After the great interest received at Glasstec during the presentation of its entire range of machines and accessories for digital printing on glass, Tecglass is ready to face the commercial challenges of 2017 with all the necessary determination. Two key points of the marketing strategy have been developed that reflect the prerogatives of excellence that make Tecglass the world’s most advanced company in the sector.


The first point – and this is how it should be – relates to the intrinsic characteristics of the product. The one major aspect that emerged from all the international meetings of 2016 is the recognised technological supremacy that the Tecglass machines have on the market. The great efforts made in recent years have allowed creating a wide range of different machines able to adapt perfectly to the production needs of individual customers, which vary greatly depending on the size of the individual companies and on the type of processing to be carried out. The three basic models are Vitro-Jet D Type, Vitro-Jet I Type and Vitro Jet F Type, whose properties vary in terms of printing speed, width of the printing surface, management of use and dimensional characteristics, but share a radically innovative technology that is hard to find in today’s panorama. This means that manufacturers who use the Tecglass machines are able to guarantee important operating advantages to customers, such as the high-flow recirculation system that does not deposit the ink, so that there is no need to clean the heads; the simultaneous drying system (SDT) which dries the sheet as it is being printed; the revolutionary printing system with seven different drop levels that allows precision printing, while providing greater power and, therefore, higher speed for covering large surfaces; an incredible and unmatched level of definition that reaches the exceptional value of 1,440 dpi; the frame-pattern tool, which allows directly printing the desired patterns without resorting to external graphic files; an almost infinite range of colours to choose from; a freely usable App with thousands of decorations immediately available. These exclusive advantages are joined by the range of Tecglass ceramic inks specially designed to make the most of the extraordinary performances of the Vitro-Jet machines.


The second point of the 2017 attack strategy is closely linked to Tecglass’s entry in the Fenzi Group, which operates with companies around the world, guaranteeing continuous supplies and assistance through the production facilities and distributions sites in different continents. In only a few years, digital printing has literally changed the face of decorated glass and its enormous potential is still unexplored, both in terms of technical research and business opportunities. The Tecglass digital technology supports transformers all over the world, who can count on a widespread presence, professionalism and soundness that have characterised the Fenzi Group for more than 75 years.


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