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High quality and a very flexible use lie behind the success of one of Fenzi’s most famous and popular products -- the Tempver range of ceramic paints. The range is ideal for screen printing, enameling and satin-finishing flat glass with applications in furniture, architecture and electrical appliances.
Lead-free Tempver paints are available in the zinc version for glass used in the furniture and building industries; this technology guarantees excellent performance when applied and complies with the laws in force in these sectors. A bismuth version has been developed specifically for the screen-printed glass that is found in electrical appliances where total resistance to aggressive chemical agents is neededrange of reds, yellows and oranges. Research and non-stop updates in the styles and tastes of designers and consumers have generated a market demand for new, brighter colors. Recently, the demand from designers and architects is focused on the various shades of these color. Obtaining the exact tone that the client desires has become a must, in the sense that the level of tolerance in the chromatic scale has now reached minimum levels. The new five base colors, cold yellow, hot yellow, orange bright red and amaranth now allow any shade of color to be obtained, no matter how out-of-the-ordinary and daring it may be. Customization has increased enormously and any request can be met, which results in enhanced customer satisfaction. In cases where requests are so unusual that the color is difficult to make, Fenzi’s engineering department can offer all the assistance needed to solve the problem in the best possible way and as quickly as possible.
The product in itself has not changed at all: it was, and still remains a highly popular range especially because of its successful formula and high performance. This is the reason why production capacity has been increased at the main facilities in Tribiano, with another innovative dry-grinding unit for a product fineness and stability that were unheard of with the old wet-grinding technology.

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