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Fenzi is certainly not a newcomer to North America. A subsidiary, Fenzi USA, has been operating since 1979 distributing mirror backing paints throughout North America. From 2001, Polyspace, a subsidiary of Canadian glass company Triple Seal has been distributing Polysulphide Thiover sealant and spacer produced in Italy by the Fenzi Group of Companies..

In 2003 a successful joint venture between Fenzi SpA and Triple Seal Ltd. lead to the creation of Fenzi North America a manufacturing company to produce Fenzi Thiover Polysulphide sealant for the North American market. Since June of this year Thiover sealant has been manufactured in Canada, at the new ultra-modern plant in Toronto. This manufacturing plant is strategically located in an area that has excellent transportation infrastructures for rail, road, air and sea transport serving the whole of the North American market. Fenzi North America can now supply Thiover Polysulphide with no concern for constant restocking from Europe and no surprises from fluctuations in the exchange rates. These are the first, immediate benefits for the many processors of insulated glass who have already had a chance to appreciate high quality Thiover.

Canadian firms can also count on some of the most interesting incentives for research and development among western countries and on the availability of a professionally trained work force. These are priceless opportunities for Fenzi too, who has made technological innovation its credo for more than sixty years.

Thiover is a highly developed environmentally green product, that it has already obtained certification from the leading official European, Canadian and US test laboratories.. The air in Canada will definitely benefit it further, contributing to maintaining it at the top in world sealant technology.

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