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It has always been a known fact that architects can be extravagant and their demands regarding building materials almost verge at times on the impossible – even in glass. You are well aware of this, yet we at Fenzi have always sought out solutions that can meet the needs of all customers as regards enamels, even the most extravagant demands for colour. Our answer has always been the same and goes by the name of Tempver. This line of ceramic paints with or without lead and with a zinc base offers ten opaque base colours which can be mixed together perfectly to obtain any shade to RAL, RAL Design and Pantone specifications or to sample. This means that, when dealing with an architect with special colour needs for the glazed portions of his designs, you only have to contact our technical department to find the best solution. In a very short time you will be supplied with the exact formula for mixing the colours and obtaining the perfect solution for your client. A solution that is always flawless from the point of view of colour, strength and durability, able to meet the needs even of avant-garde designers.
If your client is not an architect but an industrial designer or the technical department of a manufacturer of household appliances seeking effective colour solutions for its products, the solution is again Tempver. With our colours, walls, doors, shower cubicles, tables, glass for furniture, refrigerators and many other products receive added value thanks to the customised application of our enamels. When faced with a problem of this type, call us and we will produce all the colours of the rainbow for you and your customers.

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