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A few weeks after the acquisition of Vetrim by Alu-Pro, we met the chairman of the Polish company at the Opole location.

Mr. Krasinski, could you tell us the history of Vetrim?

Vetrim was set up in the early 1990s as the Polish subsidiary of the Imsa group to monitor that market in eastern Europe closely after the success gained in the former Yugoslavia. In 2000 Alu-Pro took a stake in the company and equipped it with its own production facility, which led to a significant rise in revenues. Now, as you know, Alu-Pro has taken over the majority shareholding in Vetrim, opening a new page in the history of our company.

What is Vetrim’s current area of business?

Since Alu-Pro took a share in our company, organising the new production facility, our corporate activities have moved increasingly towards aluminium profiles which have become our core business. We are now aiming at become lead company in this area for eastern Europe, in terms of both production and sales.

What prospects are opening up for Vetrim with this new corporate structure?

Definitely very bright prospects, with the future investments required in order to become competitive and at the cutting edge on a market which still offers considerable development potential.

Alu-Pro readily took up this new challenge. Can you explain to us why the acquisition of Vetrim is strategic?

Our operations base is located in the most industrialised region of Poland and is therefore an ideal gateway to eastern European markets. However not only is the location strategic but the professional skills of our work force are also fundamental and which, together with the strong economic competitiveness, will contribute to making Vetrim a production and distribution centre of prime importance for many markets, starting with that in Poland.

Is the core business still to be aluminium profiles?

Definitely, although an important role is also to be played by all the other products distributed by Glass Alliance, which has always specialised in the specific area of insulating glass.

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