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The acquisition of Vetrim, the Polish producer of aluminium profiles and distributor of products for the manufacture of insulating glass, was a chance for AluPro to consolidate its standing on the Eastern European market. The result was in fact that the leading Italian manufacturer of aluminium profiles gained even greater opportunities for growth, thanks to the overall increase in industrial potential and the ideal location for controlling a market whose strong growth began some time ago.
The industrial investments plan drawn up at the time of the acquisition in 2005 is proceeding according to the original schedules and the setting-up of a second production line for aluminium profiles, the twin of the existing one, has in fact been completed. This means that Vetrim can now rely on double production capacity compared to that of the previous year, now essential for succeeding in meeting an ever-growing demand and gaining significant market shares. The time appears to be ripe, as the general market trend for insulating glass is definitely favourable in Eastern Europe too. This is not the only news – a slitter has also been installed, a special machine for fast cutting of aluminium not included in the original Vetrim production cycle. The entire Vetrim production plant was built by basing on the same technology used by the parent company, as this guarantees observance of the high quality standards to which Alu Pro clients have become accustomed. The whole company is also now organised around a processing schedule with three shifts, around the clock. These further developments have established a considerably higher level of competitiveness overall. While higher productivity – double in this case – allows a considerable increase in the turnover and profitability of the company, improved production, with greater flexibility and speed, enables a general degree of efficiency to be achieved that is difficult to match. This is the difference, the added value, that Alu Pro has sought to obtain and which it has brought to the Eastern European market with Vetrim.

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