Vitrum 2009: a showcase for innovation

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Innovating in order to develop and preserve a leadership role in a constantly changing market. Especially during hard times like these. This has always been Fenzi group’s mission, and it will demonstrate this fully at Vitrum 2009. In fact, a multitude of innovations will be showcased. In the stand dedicated to Glass Alliance, an international network to which the group belongs and that produces and internationally distributes everything necessary for industrial production of insulating glass units, the trade will be able to gain a close-up view of state-of-the-art products in terms of quality and reliability .
Fenzi’s own investments in research and innovation have led to the development of new products combining excellent performance with environmental protection. Focusing on the potential of solar energy, the company has set up the new Fenzi Solar Coatings Division. This undertaking has resulted in Solarlux, the new complete line of paints for solar mirrors designed to offer both energy efficiency as well as high resistance. Designed to make the most out of new technologies for solar thermal plants, this new line of paints meets the highest durability and resistance standards. This new Fenzi product, described in detail in this newsletter, has such innovative characteristics that the specific tests required new reference parameters, which Fenzi obtained in collaboration with industry leaders. These new tests measure the chemical-physical performance of Solarlux in a variety of critical stress situations, confirming the validity of the technology used in its design and production.

An additional demonstration of the company’s commitment to energy savings and environmental protection is the international success obtained by Thiover: Using Fenzi’s polysulphur sealants specifically formulated for manufacturing insulating glass units, today builders can obtain LEED® points and certify their buildings according to the standards of the American Green building rating system. In fact, Thiover sealants are the best solution for insulating glass units of this type. They are completely non-hazardous and solvent-free, with excellent mechanical properties and extremely low water and gas permeability. The recent international rating allows insulating glass producers to add additional competitive advantages to their products regarding the important issue of energy savings. This valuable aid allows operators greater opportunity to move within today’s difficult building market.

The Fenzi group has always been engaged in the quest for new solutions to facilitate the use of its products. In fact, the new Fenzi Group site dedicated entirely to the Aquaglass line of one-component, water-borne decorative paints, part of the Decover product range, is now up and running. The Tribiano group thus offers its customers direct access to the recipes so they can be completely certain to obtain the desired RAL coloration. They can just enter their username and password, issued by the company at the time of purchase, on the site, and immediately receive precise instructions on the quantities of base colors to be mixed together in order to obtain the required amount of the preferred shade.

Another important innovation is represented by the new colorations for Butylver, a solvent-free one-component sealant suited for internal insulation (first barrier) of insulating glass units. This Fenzi sealant, characterized by minimum water vapor and gas permeability, high aging resistance, outstanding adhesive properties on glass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, will also be available on the market in light and dark grey. The availability of different colors makes this particular sealant a perfect solution for the aesthetic needs of architects and designers. At Vitrum 2009 visitors can also see the partial innovation which is now riding a clear wave of success: Chromatech Ultra, the revolutionary stainless steel and polycarbonate spacer bar designed by Rolltech and marketed since the end of 2008. The outstanding commercial success of this innovation allowed Rolltech to accelerate the completion of its product range. More information about this product can be found in a dedicated article in this newsletter.

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