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Fenzi warm edge technology at china glass 2014 event

March 2014

One year after, the Fenzi Group is back at China Glass 2014 having obtained extremely satisfactory results mainly from its Duralux, Tempver and IG range of products which includes Chromatech Ultra, Thiover and Butylver. All are top products on the Asian market and have earned Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited – the group’s branch in China – awards from local authorities.

The Asian market launch of Chromatech Ultra -- the first hybrid spacer by Alu-Pro and Rolltech in stainless steel and special plastic mixes – has been encouraging. This innovative warm edge profile offers significant heat insulation benefits and also is very easy to use, a mix of performance features that cater to the new energy-saving needs of buildings in Asia. Even here, IG producers are focusing more on the quality of each and every component in IG systems in order to meet standards and lower energy consumption in homes and offices; this is exactly why the features of Chromatech Ultra will definitely appeal to visitors at China Glass 2014.
The growing demand for the group’s warm edge products has rewarded the expectations of the team that is working on this technology introduced about a year ago in the IG division at Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited, which already sells Thiover and Butylver.

The group will also be at the exhibition with its biggest selling products on the Asian market:Duralux mirror backing paints, the first Fenzi product to be exported and made in China, Butylver, the polyisobutylene primary sealant for insulating glass, Tempver ceramic plaints and the Glassolux range of cold paints for which there is great demand from the Chinese furniture industry.

The commitment of Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited in China has also been recognized by the local authorities. The company has received awards for its business success, development capabilities, contribution to the territory and safe production.

- Meritorious industrial development 2013 award.
- Key taxpayer 2013 award.
- Refined management demonstration enterprise 2013 award.
- Safety production advanced enterprise 2013 award.

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