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As already announced in the last edition of Together Online, Denmark’s Rolltech has made a major investment in order to increase its production capacity. A new production line for spacer profiles in stainless steel has in fact been inaugurated, assigned mainly to the product with the highest technological content, Chromatech Plus. This profile, made in a special stainless steel, has a very special geometric structure that allows a reduction in the thickness of the metal of up to 0.15 millimetres. It is a well-known fact that this specific feature makes Chromatech Plus the most advanced product in the area of warm edge technology: the thickness of the steel reduced in this way is able to ensure a very low level of heat conduction and, as a result, considerably higher heat insulation performances compared to those promised by profiles in the same material yet with traditional geometries.
The importance of this result is directly correlated with the high growth recorded in recent years by the market for warm edge spacer profiles, brought about mainly by the new building standards EN 673 and EN 10077-2. The drastic reduction in the minimum value of non-condensation on the internal surface of the glass means that the double glazing system achieves thermal insulation values that were unthinkable until a few years ago. For this very reason double glazing can meet the energy saving needs that all advanced economies, and not just in the West, have ranked high among their priorities. From the industrial standpoint the other advantages of the Chromatech Plus stainless steel profiles consist in the great adaptability to the curve and development of the shapes, together with the ability to ensure extremely high frame stability. The combination of all these features allows the insulating glass to achieve excellent results also in terms of durability.
Efforts by Rolltech have enabled the setting-up of a new production line with a particularly advanced technology. The growing market demands can in this way be met more easily, which for the Danish company means further consolidating its world leadership in the warm edge technology.

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