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At Glasstec, innovation seems to have been the name of the game for the Fenzi Group.
All over its exhibit area, visitor attention was captured from the very first moment by products that most exemplify the company’s unwavering commitment to research.

First and foremost, DURALUX 3G, the third generation of mirror coatings. Continuous investments pumped into research and development of new manufacturing solutions have led, this time, to a real, authentic revolution. Very exciting results have been achieved in the area of reduction of what are believed to be harmful substances and in greater respect for the environment during the entire production phase. These improvements on the eco-compatibility front go hand in hand with some significant progress in the area of performance. In addition to the absence of lead and formaldehyde, and a drastic reduction in the amount of solvents (-70%), extremely high levels of resistance to abrasion and chemical aggression have been reached, all in full compliance with the strictest international standards.

The attention of visitors was irresistibly drawn to THIOVER, the best-selling range of polysulphide sealants in the world. The constant rise in demand drove the Fenzi Group to earmark significant investments for vigorous innovation of its own manufacturing processes, in order to reach production levels and product availability sufficient to satisfy daily demand. The reasons behind such success can be found in the product’s proven quality, in its extreme ease of processing and its new high-level performance. The leading test houses around the world have certified its characteristics, the same ones that make it possible for Thiover to stand up to the most extreme climatic conditions around the world.

For TEMPVER the latest innovation comes in the form of a further, and probably definitive facilitation in obtaining the desired color. In fact, for its entire line of ceramic paints, Fenzi is able to guarantee the perfect shade every time through the use of the Internet. The operation is extremely simple. By visiting the www.tempver.com site, a database is available that is programmed to identify the exact color mix required to obtain the custom color shade called for in the production specs.
Currently, the Tempver range is available in two lead-free color lines for buildings and architecture, and a bismuth-based coating for appliances and consumer electronics. It comprises 16 base cover colors that can be mixed among themselves. This offers extremely flexible color options, making it possible to create color samples upon demand in any shade to RAL, RAL Design, Pantone and NCS specifications or to sample, to create any color whatsoever, including satin and metallic shades.

The big news announced at Glasstec however, was CHROMATECH ULTRA, the new warm edge profile designed by Rolltech. The Danish company, part of the Glass Alliance network managed to combine the best in its stainless steel latest-generation spacers, with a new technology developed by falling back on the use of plastic materials. Top performance was achieved, thanks to the combination in a single structure, consisting of one lower part in stainless steel and an upper part in a low heat-transfer index polycarbonate. This solution is truly innovative and provides the I.G. system levels of performance that are extremely attractive. We’ll talk about them at length in another article.

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