Newsletter 1 2011

  • Editoriale

    Contradictory signs herald the start to 2011.

    Growth of world trade should continue although to different degrees in the various economic areas. The emerging countries (should they still be called this?) will post the highest growth rates, whereas the economies in the old industrialized world will be sluggish, with ups and downs on the two sides of the Atlantic.
    The specter of inflation is looming over everything, with arm-wrestling by the central banks that would like to keep it under control (but which are simply printing money to withdraw financial instruments with dubious solvency from the market) and speculation by those who, using these huge resources, are driving virtual demand for raw materials well beyond normal market laws.
    The worst case scenario could be spiraling prices in a physical market that remains weak. It is up to all trade people to prevent yet another financial bubble from having negative spin-offs on the real economy.
    In 2010 Fenzi continued to diversify its production facilities, with a new plant entering into full operation in Russia. Our presence in all the leading markets across the 5 continents guarantees the best service, the best quality and – whenever possible – the best price for our clients. Efforts continue in our R&D labs to fine-tune existing products and make them eco-compatible. Just like everybody, we are trusting to see a recovery in the building industry after this long lull.

    Best wishes to you all!


  • After Glasstec 2010, summing up a difficult but promising year

    The past year has been a demanding one, in the aftermath of an across-the-board and in many ways devastating downturn, but with many glimmers of hope.

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  • The world's best products for the world's largest IG.

    International motor shows are traditionally where car makers can freely unleash their creativity in order to engage the public’s attention with very innovative projects that may even be over-the-top because they cannot be mass produced, but that are show stoppers all the same.

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  • Enthusiastic welcome for the Glass Alliance network in Russia

    It took slightly more than 2 years to complete, heavy investments and most importantly a good dose of courage and business spirit given the economic and financial turmoil in world markets over the past two years: we are talking about the new, recently-inaugurated Glass Alliance facility which is now operating at full capacity.

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  • Fenzi North America as business ambassador in the 'Project Green Network'

    The Green Economy is inexorably generating greater business opportunities across the world, especially because they are becoming veritable escape routes from the continuing global crisis. Even more important, because of this companies have been spurred into focussing on innovation and therefore into finding the healthy energy that is so necessary to pick up momentum again.

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  • Flash News 1 2011

    Chromatech Ultra now made in Italy too Butylver production inaugurated in China Thiover for leed certification in Europe too

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