Newsletter 1-2010

  • Editoriale

    The uncertainty of the evolution of the worldwide economic situation makes it impossible to confidently forecast growth in the short and medium term. It is quite probable that for at least another two years consumption and investment will be at a standstill, while the big sufferers (states and businesses) will be able to balance out, with difficulties, their budgets. The countries in the western world will suffer the worst, but with the advantage of starting with a solid foundation and a tight network of coalitions as well as economic/financial supports. The emerging countries will grow nonetheless, but not for this reason will they be able to reduce the quantitative gaps with the more advanced economies.

    Globalization will accentuate the international division of work: instead of creating a larger and richer market for everyone, it will favor the strongest and the most competitive players (entire states, enterprise networks, production niches), thus creating tension and difficulties for a great many businesses. The glass market does not exist in a corner of paradise but suffers from market recession in the same way and more than others. It will be necessary, perhaps essential, to promote technological research and development in the fields of energy saving and alternative energy. Mutual effort and commitment, on behalf of all the trade professionals, big and small, are required in this direction. Only by these means will it be possible to overcome, with relative calm, the difficult moments in the next biennium and be prepared for a more vast and profitable glass products market for everyone in 2012. We all are working in this direction inside the companies which are part of the Fenzi group.

  • New Fenzi Alu-Pro plant almost ready in Russia

    The new OOO Fenzi – OOO Alu Pro production and distribution facility in Lipetsk, near Moscow is designed to meet the needs of the vast Russian market which is now picking up after the financial turmoil of the past 2 years.

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  • Hotver 2000: poised to ride the Usa building industry recovery

    The latest information suggests that the economic system of the United States is recovering after the big storm in 2008/2009. The most up-to-date economic indicators actually provide rather reassuring estimates for the growth of the American GDP, adjusted upwards quite recently: the Federal Reserve has set the 2010 growth forecasts in a range between 2.8% and 3.5%.

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  • Polysulfide sealants and Ultraviolet radiation: Fenzi S.P.A. improves the resistance of the Thiover line

    Thiover has always been the most successful Fenzi product, thanks to its simple use which allows it to adapt to all application methods, from robotic to manual, and its numerous attributes.

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  • Fenzi Alu-Pro Iberica gears up for success

    Established in 2009 in Lalin (Galicia), Fenzi Alu-Pro Iberica is perhaps the most direct, explicit demonstration of how a leading company in its sector can deal with a deep market crisis by drawing upon its greatest strengths, namely commitment to innovation and investments.

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  • Flash News 1 2010

    Doors are opening for an intensive season of trade fairs: with Fenzi Alu-Pro Iberica at Veteco… …with Fenzi Argentina at Glass South America… with Zhejiang Fenzi Paints and Sealants Company at China Glass… …concluding with OOO Fenzi and OOO Alu-Pro at Mir Stekla

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