Newsletter 2-2011

  • Editoriale

    A few weeks ago, during the early part of June 2011 we celebrated the 70th anniversary of our company.

    Founded in 1941 as Fenzi Vernici e Accessori Vetrari, in historically difficult times for Italy and the entire world, it began manufacturing protective mirror backing paint and mastic for sealing windows. From the very beginning, these products were marketed along with all the accessories and technical tools necessary to turn a flat glass sheet into a finished product. 
    Seventy years are a lot and they certainly can’t be summarized in a few lines. 
    Thinking back to our roots (a small manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Milan), we are justifiably proud of where we are today. Five Fenzi facilities around the world (Italy, Belgium, Russia, China, Canada), four sales branches (Argentina, USA, Korea, Spain), major shareholdings in four other manufacturers (Italy, Poland, Denmark, Russia). Today, Fenzi is a group that invoices 250 million Euros and regularly sells its products in more than 80 countries on five continents.
    But its philosophy has stayed the same over 70 years of growth that has been fairly continuous and uncomplicated – research for high-performance products, unwavering dedication to the changing needs of its customers, the evolution of technology and manufacturing systems and their on-going adaptation to the passage of time.  The establishment of production facilities in areas far from Italy, on four different continents, to be closer to our clients and serve them better is the most outstanding example of the Fenzi group’s firm conviction that customer satisfaction is the real secret behind what drives a successful business forward over so many years.
    Add to this, in recent years, a corporate policy that is firmly aimed at filling the demand for products that meet the most advanced environmental standards, with the aim of even being ahead of the curve on possible new international standards. We invite you to share with us in the joy of this historic occasion.


    Thank you!


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