Newsletter 2-2009

  • Editoriale

    Dino Fenzi


    Twelve months after the beginning of the financial crisis, which was limited and almost resolved by joint interventions by the governments and central banks of the most advanced economies, we now find ourselves, like some had regrettably predicted, in the middle of the worst recession in the last 60 years. The virtual economy (finance) has been saved, but the real economy (manufacturing and services) has slumped. In 1929 the mistake was to reduce the issuing of currency with the effect of disrupting the system, but the current recipe of quantitative easing, flooding the markets with liquidity, doesn’t seem to have produced the desired effects yet.

    This liquidity doesn’t reach the firms through the proposed channels of credit distribution, nor the consumer. And in the meantime unemployment is increasing in every corner of the western world and the negative spiral continues to tighten. Perhaps the public money distributed by the leading countries should go directly to financing infrastructure and public works (houses, roads, airports, hospitals, etc.), thereby stimulating employment and businesses.

    Is this remedy too simple? Just take a look at the recovery already underway in China. The glass industry demands quick decisions and reasonable implementation programs.


  • Vitrum 2009: a showcase for innovation

    Innovating in order to develop and preserve a leadership role in a constantly changing market. Especially during hard times like these. This has always been Fenzi group’s mission, and it will demonstrate this fully at Vitrum 2009.

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  • From Fenzi Solar Coatings to Solarlux: a technology for the environment

    This spring, in keeping with its mission of continuous innovation and environmental protection, the Fenzi Group took another step forward in this direction when it set up the Fenzi Solar Division to develop state-of-the-art technologies for solar energy.

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  • Fenzi Alu-Pro Iberica set up in Spain

    Today Spain, which has proven to be an important market in the past, is going through a period which is perhaps even more trying than that of other European countries. In fact, its entire economic and productive structure is suffering like everywhere else, but this is particularly true for its building sector where the recent big boom has caused an even more intense stagnation than that seen in other countries.

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  • Rolltech completes the Chromatech Ultra Range

    Chromatech Ultra, the new thermal break spacer bar, was inspired by the idea of guaranteeing utmost energy savings by exploiting Rolltech’s extensive experience in "warm edge” technology. The new spacer, characterized by an extremely low thermal transmittance coefficient (Psi value), has an exclusive stainless steel structure with upper part in polycarbonate.

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  • Flash news 2 2009

    More about solar heating: a wealth of energy from the desert The new Butylver colorations for designers and architects

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